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Vietnamese born, California raised, living in Houston, Texas, often traveling overseas and cherishing every moment of it. Since 2001, I have become an entrepreneur, event organizer, wife, mom of two, and constantly challenging myself to do more.

I founded Anime Matsuri Convention in 2006, which has been ranked among the top ten largest anime conventions in North America. I have been producing Japanese fashion shows as the event grew, and have had the opportunity to work with brands such as: h.Naoto, Atelier Pierrot, Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, Alice and the Pirates, Putumayo, Metamorphose temps de fille, Angelic Pretty, Triple Fortune, Victorian Maiden, Atelier Boz, and many more. My aspiration to bring Japanese fashion to Houston led me to create and open the first Japanese boutique in the Central South United States, called Shop In Wonderland. With passion for Japanese, European and high fashion, I am on a journey to sharing my love for fashion in general. You can expect to see wearable Japanese outfits from everyday to extravagant, mix and match cultural styles and pieces, beautiful photography, and once in awhile, a few tips on food, beauty, lifestyle, and other passions I have.

Photos are captured by my talented husband John Leigh, and other creative photographers.

Feel free to be authentic, and embrace Jfashion.

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