Break out of your Style

My style reflects my persona, and my persona is quite diverse. I am mommy in one moment, business […]

In The City of Angels

Los Angeles is the city I grew up in. I am always happy to reconnect with friends and […]

Shopping in Electric Town

It is a gorgeous summer morning in Akihabara, Tokyo’s Electric Town, where you can find gadgets, collectibles, and […]

Whiskey and Wine

I am an explorer at heart, but I don’t like to explore alone especially when I am thirsty. […]

Stargazer in Harajuku

Popular Japanese Street Fashion Brand, Putumayo just released its newest print called Stargazer. What better way to celebrate […]

A Visit to Atelier Boz

This was my ride: The Nozomi Super Express N700 Bullet Train. It’s set to arrive in Nagoya station […]

Candy For Lunch

Houston is the most ethnically diverse city in America.Houston is also home to over 10,000 restaurants, which makes […]

Deneice Leigh

Live. Love. Fashion. Vietnamese born, California raised, living in Houston, Texas, often traveling overseas and cherishing every moment […]