Hey Liz Lisa Girl!

Life is more fun with friends! When you style together, you smile together. Four girls each express their […]

A Fashionable World Tea Party

If you love Japanese Fashion, Anime Matsuri Convention in Houston, Texas is the place to be every year. […]

Don’t Be Late!

…For a very important date! In the past six years of Spring, myself and a group of Japanese […]

One Cool Cat

When you possess a combination of confidence and charisma, you are describing charming Cathy Cat! Though originally from […]

Forge Your Own Castle

If you would have told me in my high school or college days that I should move to […]

Celebrating Shop In Wonderland

More and more have come to recognize Japanese fashion in Houston, and it is in part due to […]

I Choose to Rebel

Some of us are born rebellious; I was… A SAINT! I was the most well behaved kid in […]

Be Like a Princess

Most days you would find me moving fast, with a long list of To Do, and wearing something […]

One Pair of Boots, 3 Ways

One of the reasons why I love Fall is because it’s the time of year I get to […]