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Most days you would find me moving fast, with a long list of To Do, and wearing something edgy and fun. For a special occasion, I may go all out and transform myself in full fashion. When I do, I may be unrecognizable. It’s not only very fun to do, it helps me get creative and become uplifted.

Recently Japanese brand Metamorphose released a new dress called “Cinderella Dream”, with gorgeous velvet print details overlaying silk fabric. No event was happening, but it didn’t stop me from going out in full Lolita fashion. A girl could just dress up for fun, right? Yes, and indeed I did.






There are many reasons why the Metamorphose ensemble is magnificent. Head to toe, you feel like a princess, particularly dreamy Disney Princess Cinderella. While wearing it, I’m reminded of the story, and why I love Cinderella. Unlike most fairy tale princesses, Cinderella was not born into royalty. The “cinder” in her name tells of what she endured; working tirelessly for others while being humble, and finding fascination in simple things and creatures. Let me point out three inspiring qualities Cinderella has that we should all strive to do in real life each day:

1. Be kind. This means to be generous and good. It is a selfless act and very hard to do. We should work on being compassionate and gracious, even if we deal with hateful and angry people on a daily basis.
2. Have courage. To have it means to have braveness, to face fears, hard times, the unknown. We could conquer so much in a day if we are bold and strong.
3. Believe. Cinderella saw the world not as it is, but as it could be. In other words, trust that we can change, do great things, for ourselves, for each other, and for our world.

We should all (men, too!), be like a princess, with princess qualities. Not for attention, but to develop good character within ourselves. You can’t be beautiful on the outside without having true beauty on the inside.



Dress & accessories: Metamorphose
Shoes: Angelic Pretty
Hair & Make up: Blo Blow Dry Bar




Photography by Judy Escalante


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    I absolutely loved this! When I do get the chance to dress in lolita or dress up in general for any formal event, I can’t help but feel more confidence in myself. One of the reasons I love metamorphose is that they offer so many different types and styles of dress that caters to each of our own “princesses”. Everyone may feel like a different type of princess, but I love how you talked about the characteristics of being a princess which is definitely staying humble! Staying humble is always so important!

  2. 2

    Such a beautifully written article and a beautiful dress! Cinderella was my favorite fairy tale princess while growing up because of her ability to stay humble and kind even in the face of those who abused her. Now my favorite princess is Rapunzel because of her sense of adventure and passion for experiencing new things! Thank you Deneice for sharing these qualities and advice with us! ??

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    I really like this dress. I was lucky enough to see it in person and the quality is on point. The pattern is very crisp and the little details are enchanting. Of the 3 points you made my favorite is to believe. I’m someone that does not like to dwell of the negatives but would rather look for opportunities and ways to improve and learn. Just think of the things we could achieve if everyone in the world looked more to the potential in the world and if people were a little more kind:)

  4. 6
    Daniela Michel

    I never saw those qualities in Cinderella before!
    I wasn’t a girly girl growing up, Lolita fashion has slowly taken me into the journey of embracing beauty, softness, femininity and grace. Still, can’t fight my nature, I am a “Merida” princess type ! 😀
    I am absolutely loving the video!!!

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