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Some know exactly what they want to be at an early age. Others find their way much later. Yet a very small percentage of us focus on building our dream no matter the obstacles. I would like to introduce an aspiring Korean designer who fell in love with Japanese Lolita fashion 15 years ago while in high school. She worked for several fashion companies for many years, often without a wage, just to develop her skills. Through hard work and determination, she created her own Lolita fashion brand called Lief in 2013. Lief, or “cute” and “adorable” in Dutch, derived from the designer’s adoration of Jfashion. Please meet beautiful and talented Sora Jung, representing and modeling her newest releases here.


  • Sora
  • “I am deeply fond of French fairytale, Donkeyskin. The story tells of a princess receiving three dresses: the Moonlight, Sunlight and Night dresses. I was inspired to make it in real life.” – Sora Jung


“My dream is, my brand Lief be loved by anyone who wears it”
– Sora Jung


When you do what you love, creativity ensues. Sora’s designs exudes artistry, skill, and amazing style. Do you agree? Say yes, and let’s make her dreams become a bigger reality.
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Sora’s outfit: Peau d’âne fairytale series by LIEF 리프




Photography by LIEF 리프


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    Cindy Van

    I’ve always seen Daniela wear Lief and I absolutely am blown away and love all of the designs! I want to explore more into this brand and learn more about it but I love her ambition in the fashion. You can see her dedication and her love for lolita fashion through her dresses and I must say, they’re all wonderful. Furthermore, I love the little folklore that came with her designs. It makes the dresses seem more whimsical and magical.

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