Fast forward, please!

The year is nearly over, and I don’t know about you, but I’m very much looking forward to jumpstarting 2017 already!

There were many challenges for me this year. Growing not one, not two, but three different businesses has been a lot of work. Canceling events to focus on others were difficult decisions. Unexpected failures and loss of friendships has been frustrating. Nevertheless, I am very grateful. This year has brought me to many special places and opened many doors of opportunity. I have met and working with some amazing savvy and skilled people. I’ve learned some hard lessons which have allowed me to redirect myself and my goals. The best surprise for me though, is I’m the most creative I’ve ever been! I’m even dabbing into designing my own line.

People, things, plans may come and go, but always stay true to your passion. Work on yourself, and surround yourself with those that are not only better than you, but who also believe in you! I believe God has great plans for all of us. Lets not give up, and keep moving forward!


p.s. Special thanks to the talented Martin Wong for collaborating with me on this shoot in Santa Clara, California.


Jacket: Putumayo
Pants: Putumayo
Blouse: H&M
Bag: elements,H
Blouse: Jeffrey Campbell




Photography by Martin Wong


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    The jacket and pants though!! I think this is my favorite outfit yet on your blog 🙂 I am sorry to hear about the “loss of friendships” but so glad that ours was not one of them!! Love you D!!

  2. 3
    Daniela Michel

    I am with you, I am so ready for 2017!
    Everyday is for me a “fresh start” but there is something about the new year that makes all of us look forward, leave things behind, set new goals and move forward.
    These pictures are fantastic, Martin is a genius and you are a great fashionista!

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