Forge Your Own Castle


If you would have told me in my high school or college days that I should move to Texas, I would’ve laughed and refused to do it. This Southern California-raised gal was comfortable with beautiful weather and being around the entertainment capital of the world.




Fast forward 15 years ago, I did! I moved from Fremont, California to Houston, Texas to start a dry cleaning business. Further 2 years more, I fell madly in love and began to travel overseas.
Not much longer, I started two more businesses, unrelated to previous fields, and much more demanding as it required me to be the craziest thing…creative! My pursuit for happiness came in the form of Japanese culture, bringing it to Houston, and developing my own entertainment destination. Who knew that deep in the heart of Texas is where I would discover my calling, transform, and become a pioneer to bring Japanese pop culture through my event, Anime Matsuri.



Speaking of discovery, I recently stumbled upon a news story about a hidden gem in Bellville, Texas called Newman’s Castle. Mike Newman, owner of Newman’s Bakery, had a fascinating dream to build his own castle when he was in his early 20’s. Through hard work and determination, three decades later, he made it into reality. From conception to construction with his own hands, Mike Newman engineered his own fortress of a castle within eight years.


Like Mr. Newman, I am presently building my own version of a castle. There have been and will be more challenges. However, I am determined to make my dreams a reality. In this two thousand and seventeenth year, I aim to be wiser, healthier, create more, establish better relationships, and seek more opportunities to be…happier.
Today I tip my hat and pay tribute to Texas, for allowing me to have the opportunity to create my own castle in the sky.
Are you satisfied with where you are, or are you still striving to build your dream?


Dress: Angelic Pretty
Boots: Ariat
Hat: Charlie 1 Hourse




Photography byJudy Escalante
Drone Shot John Leigh

Special Thanks to Mike Newman for the Southern hospitality


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    Many underestimate the culture and excitement in Texas. Like you, I was born and raised in SoCal and moved to Texas now over a decade ago and I regret nothing! Texas is the place where I grew as a person; where I am forging my own castle!

  2. 2
    Princess Serenity

    I still haven’t reached my goal in opening my own business, as well of helping out reach my bf’s goal. My goal is to open my own manga/café shop here in houston while my bf is to open a mini Akihabara here in Houston.
    I know nothing will stop me to opening one and even with a financial difficulties came around me this start of the year, that’s not stopping me to keep on with the steps necessary to really open my dream shop.

  3. 3
    Judy Escalante

    It is encouraging to know that even after decades, Mr. Newman never gave up on his dream of building a castle. He didn’t let time discourage him. Also, this is such a cute coordinate! I would have never guessed that a pair of cowgirl boots and hat could go so well with lolita. 🙂

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