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John Newinn, a talented singer, model, actor, photographer, and even an Elvis impersonator, sought my advice on what to wear for his evening as the Master of Ceremony of the 2016 Miss Chinatown Houston Pageant. We had limited time due to his travel plans, so I had him stop by my boutique, Shop In Wonderland, to get styled the day before the pageant. Formal occasion? We both agreed to go with Japanese designer brand, Atelier Boz.
Fit is one of the most important factors for John when buying a suit. Because of John’s muscular physique, he sometimes alter his suits and jackets to get a sleek and athletic fit.
After trying several distinguished jackets and accessories by Boz, I advised him to go with a light fabric for comfort, and a longer navy blue trim for a stylish fit.



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  • “I only recently got into the world of J-fashion and I love it! I’m excited to be involved with it more in the future.”
    John Newinn

Miss Chinatown Houston Pageant begins after a formal dinner with local and prominent guests. After introductions and thanking sponsors, John took the Houston stage as the MC wearing Atelier Boz. To my surprise, his Co-emcee, Channel 11 News anchor Lily Jang, complimented how amazing he looked and had him show off his ensemble in front of the large ballroom audience. Everyone applauded, and I couldn’t be more proud.



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  • “I felt so comfortable in it both on and off the stage and love how elegant it always makes me feel.”





I may have been a little biased, but It’s hard not to notice John stand out on stage among the splendid candidates throughout the pageant.
As the evening closed with the newly crowned Karen Yang as the Miss Chinatown Houston of 2016, I could not help but to feel a sense of accomplishment. I’ve been going to the Miss Chinatown Houston Pageant for eight years, but this year was extra special because Japanese brand Atelier Boz was worn on its stage. How exciting to see history in the making with Japanese fashion!


Jacket: Atelier BoZ
Dress: Atelier BoZ
Shoes: Badgley Mischka




Photography by John Leigh
Hair by Rosie Arizpe


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    I absolutely love Roland jackets by Boz!! Shiva-san always picks the perfect fabric to carry the design, and she her choices are always something new. The muted color of the blue is great for a banquet setting like Miss Chinatown. the fabric of this particular jacket is great as it catches the lights of the stage and makes John shine. The magic of Boz is how perfectly tailored the pattern is of the jackets; they always look great on every frame and they accentuate the right parts of the body. I’m also very proud to see JFashion portrayed in this way at an event on this caliber.

    Onto the second outfit shown!!! This dress is great!!! I love how the navy of the fabric is very deep, so deep you almost can’t tell the difference from black!! It’s elegant and simple, and i can see this being flattering for many different figures. I would love to wear this dress with a vest or corset to add to the gothic appeal. The overlay looks great and maintains the Boz element of design. The shoes are a perfect match, and add a nice bit of airy fun to the overall look. The hairstyle is amazing!!! It reminds me of Rapunzel from Tangled.

  2. 5

    I absolutely love that more J-Fashion is getting out there and being worn to more and more events such as pageants! I want to see it more mainstream here and can’t wait for it to be seen as more of high fashion! I love the progress being made and I’m excited to see how far J-Fashion will go!

  3. 8
    Cindy Van

    I’m always glad that men are getting more and more into the fashion and what better way to style than Atelier Boz. I will always have a love for BOZ and it’ll always have a special place in my heart. Shiva-San is amazing at what she do and the fact that the Roland Jacket, do simple and elegant, look so different with each look John Newinn is wearing showcase her talents. John is a friend of mine and he always rave about how much he adores BOZ and I’m glad he represented the brand at the Miss Chinatown Pagent!

    And Deneice, as always, look amazing in that gorgeous dress and whoever styled her hair has so much talent! The dress she’s wearing is something so simple but so elegant and I totally want it in my closet.

  4. 10

    Boz, to me, is one of those brands that takes it to another level of elegance. The clean lines are very flattering for many body types. Of course John is always on point with his style, I can’t wait to see more! It is refreshing to see more elegant styles emerge in the market and how amazing is it that this unique fashion is getting more recognition!

  5. 12

    I really wish I could get my boyfriend into Jfashion. I absolutely love the elegance of men in nice clothing. It’s so seductive and amazing! John definitely suits the style. There needs to me more manly (ish) options and routes for men in Jfashion.

  6. 13

    Stunning design, no doubt BoZ material. Love how John and the coat just works together so naturally and confidently.
    BoZ is making it’s way to something even greater than it was before, great accomplishment indeed!

  7. 16

    Wow! What a an awesome milestone for J-Fashion! I love to see that the fashion is being more and more incorporated in the fashion scene. I’ve always thought about wearing j-fashion to formal events and reading this article makes me feel more confident about it! Also, in love with anything and everything boz and John definitely rocks it!

  8. 17
    Daniela Michel

    We need more of this!
    I love John’s attitude and confidence in Atelier BOZ, it is such an elegant label and is perfect for this occasion. I can not wait to see the extravagant Angelic Pretty on stage.
    Deneice, I am totally loving your coordinate head to toe!

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