Get Set, Go!

This past year has been full of lows and highs. I am grateful for all the good that has occurred over the course of this year. I couldn’t have lived through the most difficult moments without them.
When we look back, we have the tendency to get caught up in the bad. We may think about illness or death, and those we will miss deeply. We may remember those that have hurt us and many other mishaps that kept us down. But we completely forget all the good and amazing things that was, and which still remain in our lives.
Allow me to share and reflect on a quote I came across by Papaji on Instagram that has summarized my year and help me to focus on the next: “Whatever comes, let it come. Whatever stays, let it stay. Whatever goes, let it go.”
“Whatever comes, let it come.” This can be applied to anything, from new adventures to new friends. It’s not always about trying to fix something broken. Allow yourself to start over, and create something better.
“Whatever stays, let it stay.” I mentioned in past entries about some incredible people and wisdom I have met and experienced this year. I want these things to stay in my life. Letting positive ideas and people to remain in my life has not only comforted me, it has brought me happiness. Allow yourself the opportunity to keep things that have positive energy in your life.

“Whatever goes, let it go.” Although this is the toughest part of the quote, it is the most necessary. Accept things, people the way they are, and move on. Thinking about past events or people that have made us angry or depressed does not help us move forward. Have courage to let go of the past and of what you can’t change.

I need to focus on the good, and let go of the bad. We all do. And guess what? We all get to! Lets welcome 2017 with open hearts and minds, to new ideas, new energy, and exciting beginnings! Ready, go!



Coat: Atelier BOZ
Blouse: Atelier Boz
Skirt: Trouve
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell




Photography by Ryan Johnson

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