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Los Angeles is the city I grew up in. I am always happy to reconnect with friends and family when I am there. During my recent business trip, I had the a chance to see the sights with Judy, one of our Editors at JFashionista.


Los Angeles, The City of Angels, is the Californian land home to a culture rich in the arts and fashion. The unique fashion of Atelier Boz stood out amidst the crowds of this bustling city as we started our afternoon at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The featured dress is called “Carol Neo Dress” in a limited edition gray color.
No outfit is complete without accessories! The gorgeous rosary necklace and rose corsage are beautifully crafted from Atelier Boz. The tote is from the luxury fashion brand, Prada.
We took our travels to the Disney Concert Hall located in downtown Los Angeles. It is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. The Blue Ribbon Gallery on the garden level features silver metallic walls that give a blue hue.


  • 9-Atelier-BOZ-Carol-Neo-Dress-Female-Women-Fashion-Lolita-JFashion-Prada-Urban-Disney-Hall-Los-Angeles
  • “I feel femininely strong and dignified. The noble collar and color scheme of the dress is simply exquisite.” – Deneice


One of the most iconic places to visit in Los Angeles is the Urban Lights on display outside the museum. The lights are restored from the early 1900s which give the pristine Victorian setting to go with Deneice’s stunning Carol Neo Dress.



In the middle of the garden level is the Delftware Fountain, an alluring rose shaped mosaic made of delft china. Our jaws dropped when we saw this masterpiece! Such beautiful craftsmanship and it complemented so well with Boz’s Neo Carol dress!

“A Rose for Lilly”
This quote, by Frank Gehry is inscribed on the fountain for the late wife of Walt Disney.




Photography/Text by Judy Escalante


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  1. 1

    The rosary necklace and bag!! And I love how the blue of the fountain picks up the color of the ribbon on the dress. Blue and gray are such a classic combination (not to mention being the colors of my favorite Hogwarts house Ravenclaw!). Next time you really need to take a tour of the inside of Disney Hall. It is as much a wonder indoors as outdoors!

    • 2
      Judy Escalante

      Thanks for your comment! We parked in the concert parking garage and was only able to see a small portion of the gorgeous architect inside from riding the escalators up that leads to the outside doors. Wish we could have seen more of the inside in person, but the pics I’ve seen are breathtaking!

  2. 4
    Daniela Michel

    Judy, excellent job!
    Besides my G.D. side loving the composition of this pictures, I can’t take my eyes off that incredible Prada bag, Saffiano Cuir leather is the most iconic and most popular leather from Prada.
    I visited L.A. a couple of times, so many interesting places and fashionable people.

  3. 5
    Angie Dominguez

    First of all I must say those SHOES!!!! I’m in love!!! Sexy yet very classy. And who doesn’t love Prada right! I have just been introduced to this style and I am very intrigued with how classy it is and most of all its uniqueness. I can’t wait to see what else you have to share with us.

  4. 7
    Andy Lee

    Just stunning…the fashion, landscape, and photography all come together to produce such great images. Down to the details and effects of the accessories. Deneice (beautiful as usual) returns home to literally put her fashion stamp on the LA map. Love it. You go, girl.

  5. 9

    This is a great way to wear Lolita fashion in a toned down sense. Classy and understated can sometimes make more of an impression than a loud color scheme or design elements. I think this outfit is given life by the corset over the dress. It adds another layer of visual dimension and gives great shape.

  6. 11

    I absolutely love this dress. I gravitate towards more muted colors and I enjoy seeing designers use them. One of the most attractive points for me about the dress and Boz brand in general is how crisp every line is. This is so striking against the more curved and organic forms – a nice contrast.

  7. 12
    Cindy Van

    What wonderful attention to details you guys have. The pictures of the outfit and the landscape all flow together quite nicely together and I love how BOZ is featured in this article. I bet it caught a lot of people’s eyes and interest 🙂

  8. 13

    This dress is beautiful and is just another reason why Boz has become my favorite brand to wear! It’s so interesting to see a lighter color in this style, but because of its neutral tone it’s very beautiful and a flattering color! Also seeing thes scenery from the photos has me excited for my future trips to Cali as well!

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