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When you possess a combination of confidence and charisma, you are describing charming Cathy Cat! Though originally from Germany, Cathy Cat now lives in Japan and works as a host for the YouTube channel “Ask Japanese,” a model for the channel “Kawaii Pateen,” and manages her own personal channel, “Cathy Cat.” Cathy is one of the leading personalities who present Japanese Lolita fashion in a fun and admirable way. We caught up with her to get some insight of why she does all she does.


JF: Why did you start a Youtube Channel?
Cathy Cat: I always loved filming things. I have week’s worth of video footage sitting on my storage from times before YouTube too. I think those videos are so boring, I could scare all my friends away with them. But I always was fascinated about entertaining other people. When I was in elementary school I made tapes with an improvised radio show. In school and university, I did drama. I like seeing a smile on a stranger’s face, seeing I send them something. That’s why every positive comment and message on my channel gives me the drive and assurance to keep going.


JF: Why did you decided to move to Japan?
CC: Japanese culture always held a fascination but to be honest it is the people that made me move here. I like how in Japan people look out to each other, treat their guests well and create communities. And of course, the freedom of expression through Japanese fashion is a vital part for me. Wearing Japanese fashion makes me feel like I can breathe freely. Here I can wear the clothes I like, any day of the week and I keep being grateful for it every day. No day in Tokyo is the same. So I can dress different every day, too.

JF: What is your passion?
CC: Living in Japan is not an easy task for many, but going to Japan for years has been my drive and passion. It was not an easy journey and I had to make many tough decisions and hard sacrifices. But I decided to pick the road less traveled, following my heart over my head many times and it has gotten me to where I am. Being able to work as YouTuber in Japan is a huge challenge and drive for me, and I want to keep being the person I am, with all my weird quirks and styles, no matter what the world says.


Jfashionista: What motivates you to keep working?
CC: My kittens. And with that I mean my subscribers. I call my subscribers kittens and that nickname is a real term of endearment from me. I have people that have followed me over my years in the UK all the way to Japan and I am grateful for that loyalty. And then all those wonderful new people who stumble across my channel, popping in to say hi and leave a comment or ask for advice, I like them all. No day is ever the same if you are a YouTuber and you are never alone.

JF: What does Lolita Fashion mean to you?
CC: Lolita fashion is a total freedom of expression to me. Girls can look adorable without showing too much skin. Modesty is a great point behind this fashion as girls can look gorgeous without having to flash skin. Women use this style to look cute. Some girls wear it to feel like princesses. We all have different reasons and I love sitting at a table with girls who I never met before, talking about their favourite dresses. I think it all comes down to the fact that we love ourselves when we wear this fashion.


“Do what you love, love what you do.” ― Cathy Cat’s motto.


Cathy Cat

Cathy Cat has has graciously accepted an invitation to come and spread her love for Lolita fashion at Anime Matsuri 2017. She will be hosting a panel, interviewing and taking photos of Fashionistas for her channels, and socializing with attendees at Fashion Square. We are thrilled to welcome Cathy Cat to Anime Matsuri and are looking forward with tremendous excitement to her taking part in the JFashionista community.

She has a message for you!


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Dress, blouse, bag, socks & head bow: Angelic Pretty
Necklace: Sailor Moon Star Locket Music Box
Shoes: Swimmer




Model Cathy Cat
Photography by Masato Kawakita


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    Cindy Van

    Ahhhhh!!! She so cute! I cannot wait to meet her at Anime Matsuri. I probably gonna be too shy to ask her any questions but she’s amazing and I hear so many great things about her. I’m still trying to catch up on all her videos ^^;;;??

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