One Pair of Boots, 3 Ways


One of the reasons why I love Fall is because it’s the time of year I get to bring out my favorite boots! The most resourceful pair I have are my black Vintage by Jeffrey Campbell ankle heel boots. I’ve had these beauties for the past three Fall seasons, but they never go out of style for me. I take care of my favoritess by keeping them in fabric pouches and giving them maintenance when necessary at a local shoe hospital. Let me demonstrate how versatile ankle heel boots can be in three ways; especially ones with a narrow boot toe.

For a sexy and/or sophisticated look, try wearing ankle heels with a pencil or high slit skirt. Any top will do, but a bodysuit really makes for a sleek silhouette.



Lets take it up a notch and dress it up! Not always does a beautiful dress need a pair of pretty heels. Try venturing out on the town in a gown, like this elements,H strapless, with a haughty approach.


When you just want to let go and take it down a notch this season, pair a comfortable pair of jeans with ankle boots. Because my boots have a cool see-through overlay, I like to see it while wearing it.
You can never go wrong with rolling up the hem of jeans to create a chic look.



The versatility of ankle heeled boots helps create many styles. And they are not only more comfortable than most heels, they also make for a cool statement piece.
I’ll dedicate another post on boots, but for now, will you be giving ankle boots a try with your closet favorites?
p.s. Special thanks to Blo Blow Dry Bar Houston for their superb service with my hair and makeup! Be sure to follow them on Instagram & Facebook



Boots: Vintage by Jeffrey Campbell
Skirt: Alice + Olivia
Bodysuit: Asos
Dress: Elements,H
Cover: Elements,H
Jacket: Elements,H
Jeans: SP Black Label




Photography by Judy Escalante


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    Fall is finally here and with style! I absolutely love the outfits and the casual outfit is to die for! Now I need to dust off my boots and put together some awesome outfits like this! Maybe I need some more elements,H in my wardrobe:)

  2. 2

    I live in boots year round, but I agree that autumn is the time to break out the boots!! Versatile boots are great because you can wear them anywhere, even to work! ((I might be wearing boots at my desk right now))

  3. 3

    When I’m not wearing plain tennishoes to run around work I really like boots or platforms, boots are definitely versatile and I really do need more of them. Love the looks, especially the pants look!

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