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It is a gorgeous summer morning in Akihabara, Tokyo’s Electric Town, where you can find gadgets, collectibles, and cafes. Akihabara is also the home of @home café, and its President is Hitomi. Coincidentally, what we celebrate as Independence Day weekend is her weekend off. I can think of many things to do on this weekend, but no matter how I shuffle the list, the top two things are dressing up and shopping.
Koi Koi Floral Cards dress in black is a popular outfit from Metamorphose. The first release of the dress quickly sold out as potential customers tried to get their hands on one.


At JFashionista, we have an unhealthy obsession with purses. Thanks to Gucci, this XL Leather Tote is boldly edgy, chic, and provides the much needed room for shopping.


  • Metamorphose-koi-hitomi-15

  • Metamorphose says the print was inspired by the traditional Japanese game Koi Koi Cards (Hanafunda). The focus is on a traditional bodice, reminiscent of a lovely Kimono.


When in Tokyo, shopping in Akihabara and visiting @Home Cafe is a must. Follow Hitomi on Twitter @jjhitomin




Photography by Hidemasa Miyake


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    Cindy Van

    I absolutely adore that dress. I love the creative twist on combining a traditional garment with lolita and the color combinations of red and black always work. The fact that you’re able to combine a non lolita bag with all of the outfits is pretty amazing to show there is no limit in fashion. 🙂

  2. 6

    I love how Metamorphose adds traditional Japanese elements to lolita. The print of this dress is like something off a kimono, and the way they designed the bodice shows the careful attention Metamorphose applies to its designs. The color scheme is wonderful as well, as black and red are powerful together. But the interesting thing to note about that is how sweet and demure this dress is; there are large bows and tassels everywhere, but the colors do not seem out of place. I always love seeing Metamorphose’s designs, especially their Japanese inspired ones, and this one is in my top 5!!

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    Deneice Leigh

    Hitomi is an absolute doll! Literally and figuratively, she can make any outfit look amazing just like this ensemble. I love how the coordinate, Gucci bag, setting, and photographs all came together. XOXO ~D

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