Celebrating Shop In Wonderland

More and more have come to recognize Japanese fashion in Houston, and it is in part due to […]

Fast forward, please!

The year is nearly over, and I don’t know about you, but I’m very much looking forward to […]

I Choose to Rebel

Some of us are born rebellious; I was… A SAINT! I was the most well behaved kid in […]

The Dazzling Designs of Putumayo

I hope these blog entries on Monday mornings help kick start your week. One of the reasons we started JFashionista was I wanted something fun and motivational to do and look forward to on a Monday morning. I always get motivated when writing these articles and I hope you feel the same way reading them. Your mindset will determine how you view your day, and in most cases, your point of view will determine the outcome.

Stargazer in Harajuku

Popular Japanese Street Fashion Brand, Putumayo just released its newest print called Stargazer. What better way to celebrate […]