The World in Fashion


…Celebrating 10 years!

WWe are celebrating the 10 years of Fashion, and that was reflected in this Fashion Show, a Fashion Show like no other, Anime Matsuri has achieve the impossible, to reunite different famous Japanese Brands under one roof, and one concept, brands like Putumayo, Angelic Pretty, Metamorphose, Atelier Boz and Triple Fortune.

New designs form the different JFashion brands paraded the Catwalk this Friday, the “ohh” and “aws” where on the top of every design. Putumayo designer Hasegawa presented a great variety of designs, with the particular design that has always represented this brand! Inspired in Alice In Wonderland! 

Angelic Pretty designers presented a a beautiful Sweet Lolita attires, from country styles to frilly designs.

From Metamorphose Taira Chinatsu  we saw a lot vaporous dresses with beautiful designs.  

Designer Shiva from Boz brought some really fierce couple attires to the runway. 

And Designers from Triple Fortune brought elegant attires with beautiful headdresses to complement your attire. 

Thank you all for coming to our celebration and Fashion Show! You are invited to the next one! So don’t miss it!


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