Treasured Tea Time


It’s hard to believe four years ago I had given birth to my second child at age 38. My first born son arrived five weeks early back in 2009; my daughter in 2012 arrived six weeks early.
Not many people know, but I was fighting for my life and my premature daughter’s life in the delivery room. I had to undergo emergency cesarean surgery because the baby’s heartbeat stopped. My small frame body couldn’t handle the surgical medications, and I struggled to recover. I’m sorry, it sounds like a horrific Monday morning story, but it gets better, promise! I rarely share my private life openly. However, since this blog site started, more of you have been able to relate to some of the stories. I hope by sharing some of my real and private challenges, you can be encouraged to try to overcome your struggles, too.



I’ve been asked many times what my greatest accomplishment is so far, and every time my answer is: being a mother. I am grateful for each day that I have, because it’s an extra day I am able to be a mommy, a provider, a guide, a backbone for my children.
Please meet Josslyn, aka Jossie. The two S’s in her name could very well stand for “sweet” & “star.” She loves to be loved, and would love you right back with a smile, kiss, hug, or touch of her hand on yours. She’s also my bright cosmic light that is full of imagination, curiosity and can easily grasp new lessons. With my hectic schedule and school starting, it’s been difficult to have one-on-one time with Jossie. Unlike her brother who didn’t start school until age 5, she started Montessori at age 2, and is currently in Pre-school. So when she asked me to sit with her and her favorite Kitties for their weekly tea party, I wanted it to make it extra memorable by capturing it at the venue where I will be hosting Shop In Wonderland’s one year celebration! Shop In Wonderland, located in the heart of Houston’s Chinatown, will host it’s first end-of-year tea party, with this year’s theme, “The Grand Opera” at Royal Oaks Country Club on December 11, 2016.
For details and tickets, please go here.








My miraculous “sweet star” is turning four years old later this month, and I am ever grateful and proud. If you have a little one of your own or hope to one day, my encouragement is to stay strong through all the storms. Life and giving life, is a gift. Treasure it, and make it count.


Deneice’s outfit: Angelic Pretty




Photography by Judy Escalante


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    So beautiful! I had my daughter last year due to an emergency C-section birth with pre-eclampsia. A timeless moment that cannot be taken away. Tea time is great time and great memories as well.

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    Daniela Michel

    I absolutely love this entry, thank you for opening your heart and share your life with us. I can see happiness and love in this pictures! Jossie is always so radiant and full of energy, she will have this gorgeous pictures to remember this precious tea time.
    The next thing on my mind is: What awesome dress I am going to wear for the Grand Opera Tea Party!?!?!

    Don’t forget to hit attend people, you really don’t want to miss it, is going to be GRANDIOSO!:

  3. 9

    The location is beautiful! It looks so romantic~ Deneice, getting to know more and more about you has been a pleasure. Seeing the motherly side of you is amazing knowing that you can be such an entrepreneur, yet still stay true to yourself! Jossie is so cute and such a small bundle of energy! Her smile shines through the photos.

    • 10
      Deneice Leigh

      Thank you, Justice! It’s scary to open up to strangers, but I hope it can encourage others who may be going through difficult times.
      Indeed, the venue is gorgeous. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone dressed up there for the Grand Opera TP!

  4. 15

    Absolutely adorable!!!
    These pictures are amazing, everything looks so beautiful (from the setting to the little objects)! They are very precious, I am sure she’ll keep them with her forever! ♥
    Hugs and little bats,
    Med ♥

  5. 17
    Cindy Van

    This article brought a smile to my face when I read it. This just gives me a more powerful urge to spend more time with my own son and just reminds me of him. Such beautiful pictures and I love the bond you both have! Children are a blessing in disguise and a blessing I don’t regret having. I can’t wait for the tea party! I know it’ll be an absolute blast 🙂

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