Whiskey and Wine


I am an explorer at heart, but I don’t like to explore alone especially when I am thirsty.
We find ourselves in Public Services is a wine and whisky bar in the historic Cotton Exchange Building in downtown Houston. This building was designed by the local architect Eugene Heiner in 1884. We were suited up for the occasion.

“ The suit is the modern gentleman’s armour.” – Harry Hart, Kingsman.


The Roland Jacket is the most iconic design from Atelier BoZ, at the same time, it is chameleonic, one change in color or fabric and these jackets turns into a completely different look. You can find these jackets in deep and elegant colors: Navy blue, Burgundy, Black, White and different fabrics.

“Whisky is liquid sunshine.” ~ George Bernard Shaw

Phillip choose Nikka Coffey, a Japanese single malt Whiskey with a delightfully fruity and spicy flavor. The process to make this spirit is exclusive to Japan.
Marco decided for a fragrant wine. Envinate Albahara 2014, produced in the Mediterranean coast of Spain. Rich spicy red fruits with an earthiness and almost saline edge.

  • 10-Atelier-BOZ-Roland-Jacket-Elegant-Male-Fashion-Wine
  • “I look distinguished and gaudy. With an impressive design and a beautiful shape, Boz suits leave me expectant to see more of their work.” – Marco

  • 07-Atelier-BOZ-Roland-Jacket-Elegant-Male-Fashion-Wine
  • “Finding clothes today that are tailored for an athletic build is very difficult. Atelier Boz is like a hand tailored suit. Exquisite detail, and an aggressive cut that makes for an unparalleled silhouette. Dressed to the nines in Boz, I’m confident to impress from every angle.” – Phillip


People who have an unique taste (in drinks or fashion) are also explorers, we are labeled as “different”, but just think for a second: when you are an explorer you find so many amazing new things that is silly just stick to the “normal”.


We want to open up your world to new ideas, places, flavors and fashion. Keep reading us, we’ll bring all awesome newness to you in every post.


Phillip’s Jacket: Atelier BoZ
Marco’s Jacket: Atelier BoZ
Phillip’s Dress Shirt: Atelier BoZ
Accessories: Atelier BoZ




Photography/Text by Daniela Michel


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    Dandy Armi

    This post is very interesting.

    The article is talking about many facts in the Ouji Style, for example, we can read about the suits, brand, lifestyle and the coexistence of the style in the life of the city and contemporary times.

    Is very nice to see beyond the clothes, we can see an experience, a lifestyle, a new vision of the life for the people who never seen before this clothes, this Lifestyle.

    Greetings from Colombia <3

  2. 15

    There are so many bars that have been revitalized in downtown Houston – Boz and the other elegant outfits would not be out of place. A lot of the bars downtown are influenced by the past which gives them a lot of character. I love seeing this elegant style on men, I get the same feeling as when a see a man in a well tailored suit – I get a sense of confidence and individuality.

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