5 Suggestions for Summer Outings


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  • Japanese clothing brand Liz Lisa is known for its modern street fashion designs with emphasis on simplicity and flow. The summer collection is especially ideal for Houston’s hot weather, and my fun afternoon at Kemah Boardwalk.





Summer is the most vacationed time of the year. But you don’t have to travel far or long to get some fun in the sun. Whether you go out on your own or with others for the day, do your best to keep it simple and focus on making memories. Here are my 5 suggestions for prepping your next summer outing!

1. Stay cool. Shade is your head’s BFF in the summer sun. You will less likely get heatstroke or irritable with a fashionable hat on your noggin! Wearing light colors and breathable fabric will also help you keep cool. I paired my outfit with a Phase 3 straw hat.

2. Protect and glow. Defend your skin from harmful UV rays with sunscreen, under and over makeup. Don’t forget your lips, too! Lip balm is a great aid, and you can give your lips a glow with your favorite lip gloss.

3. Keep it light. Outings are all about experiencing the surrounding. Keep your essentials in a small/light bag. Cross body purses are not only trending, but practical for going out. This Coach Mini was not only versatile and lightweight, it stored my necessities for the day.

4. Give your feet some air. Depending on your destination and outfit, you’ll need the right footwear. Don’t forget to give your toes some breathing room, too! I wore Charles David peep toe shoes to keep cool and my feet happy.

5. Mind water. When you’re out and about visiting sights and making memories, it’s easy to overlook staying hydrated. The best resource for your body is water. You can never have too much, especially in heat, so give attention to drinking water throughout the day.

There you have it! My 5 Suggestions for Summer Outings! Regardless of where you are or wherever you may go, make the best of the rest of your summer and be good to yourself!



Blouse: Liz Lisa
Shorts: Liz Lisa
Hat: Phase 3
Purse: Coach
Shoes: Charles David




Photography by Judy Escalante


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    Katie Morrow

    Love love love! I wish we could all be that photogenic while eating icecream! I’m definitely looking into trying to find a better daily wear sunscreen, It’s hard to find one that’s not yucky and greasy! I need some of that Liz Lisa in my life, you look so comfortable!

    • 4

      When it comes to sun protection, my favorite trick is to make my moisturizer be my sunscreen!! Sephora’s brand has a great daily SPF 15 moisturizer that’s suitable for all skin types! And the best part, it isn’t oily or heavy, and a little goes a very long way. Also, powders and foundations usually have some SPF in them too, so you can double or even triple up on the protection!

  2. 6
    Daniela Michel

    So airy, soft and fairy!
    This tips are simple but at the same time incredible useful, we always over look these things and it truly makes the difference!
    You show us how to be stylish even in the hottest days, Liz Lisa is the way to go if you want to be cute, chic and fresh at the same time. I wonder, would people in the US like to wear this brand?

  3. 7

    This whole outfit looks so youthful and fun! It is very cute and casual. Light fabrics and flowing cuts are definitely one of the best ways to dress for the heat. The Phase 3 hat is perfect for this outfit. The whole outfit is so nicely balanced – each element has a great look and is very practical when dressing for hot days.

  4. 9

    I love Liz Lisa’s summer collections; they’re always light and airy, perfect for summer! Great advice too! The hat idea is a great one. I’ve experienced one too many scalp and ear sunburns to not enjoy a nice straw hat for summer. Daily SPF is needed for everyone who lives in the south!! Parasols are a fun way to add to an outfit some sun protection too! And they’re doubly helpful when a small summer shower pops up. This outfit looks so easy and light Deneice! And great matching the purse (again) to your outfit!

  5. 10
    Rue Virgo

    Beautiful article, Deneice looking stunning as always. I love the summer fashion tips. I never leave my house without lip balm on and a light sunscreen. My skin is very sensitive to different weather climates, so I always have to stay on guard. I love that straw hat by the way.

    • 13

      Technically, Liz Lisa isn’t Lolita, but Gyaru, another big style from Japan. Liz Lisa is a brand that can bridge the two gaps though, which is why most Lolitas love Liz Lisa and use it with their coords. Another brand that is good for this is Jesus Diamante.

  6. 14
    Cindy Van

    Such a beautiful and relax coordinate! I always wanted to know more brands that carry casual clothing and I’m glad to come across Liz Lisa!! All amazing advice to stay cool under the sun and once again, everything look put together and cohesive. This look is probably the best summer look I’ve seen :]

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