A Visit to Atelier Boz


This was my ride: The Nozomi Super Express N700 Bullet Train. It’s set to arrive in Nagoya station after a 1-hour, 40 minute ride from Tokyo, which was about 170 miles away. A short taxi ride from the station and I arrived at popular Japanese company, Atelier Boz. The brand shop is located on the fifth floor of the SakaeNOVA building. I am to meet Shiva, the Brand Manager and Head of Operations of Atelier Boz.



“Atelier Boz specializes in classical and elegant clothing, displaying refined and pure beauty. Although our items are simple with a beautiful silhouette, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail. Whether Gothic, Lolita, Gothic-Lolita or anything else, we aim to help you bring out your own personality and style. Your next favorite outfit is waiting for you here. We carry men’s clothing as well.”

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  • No outfit can be complete without accessories, and Atelier Boz highly encourages this. Pictured here is the Frandeer Dress with a Rosary pendant chain.


The Melec Blouse, as shown above, advertises the label’s attention to detail. The white corsage enhances the look even more.


Shiva’s footwear



The outfit on display is a special collaboration with a Japanese Visual Kei band called AvelCain. Fabulous.


After two hours, we said our goodbyes and I was on my way to catch the bullet train back to Tokyo for another meeting.
A big thank you to TaeYeon for translating.




Photography by John Leigh


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    Cindy Van

    Those boots are amazing!!!!! Shiva-san is such an inspiration to me and I was always curious to see what the inside of one of her shops look like!! I can’t wait to visit her store when I travel to Japan one day.

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