Fall in love in Tijuana

One day in Tijuana, México, is all I needed to fall in love again. Paulina picked me up from the airport early that morning, wearing a red Koi Koi Floral Cards dress by Metamorphose.
We had breakfast at one of the most iconic restaurants in the city, La Espadaña. The delicious smell of freshly made “Café de la Ólla” brought back memories of home.

  • “This dress became my favorite, from the moment I put it on. The fabric is so soft and light that it makes the perfect dress for the hot summer. I feel so unique.” – Paulina

We spent the day at an artisans fair. We walked by dozens of tents filled stunning artwork from very talented mexican artisans, from house decorations to big rustic furniture. We tried on jewelry, homemade salsas and of course dessert. In the end we couldn’t resist a refreshing “Jarrito” with tequila.

While I was mesmerized by the crafts, the people around us were intrigued by Paulina’s outfit. Her look was pristine, but my favorite detail were her wrist cuffs; the perfect accessories to complement the japanese traditional feel of the dress.

  • Paulina is a lawyer who doesn’t forget to express her femininity through Fashion.

I left my old city with a smile on my face. That day I learned that culture is a sensual experience: we can touch, hear, saw, smell and taste it. But we should not forget that we can also wear it!




Photography/Text by Daniela Michel


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  1. 3
    Daniela Michel

    I still remember the flavor of that refreshing Jarrito!
    Hey, everyone, this is Danni. I would love to read your feedback regarding my first publication in J’Fashionistas, be kind and real to me, I will appreciated!

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    Jennifer Rodriguez

    Beautiful photography, and the natural lighting made the dress glow! Paulina is lovely. The care you took to also highlight the beautiful city made me think of Sibella Court. Nice job!

  3. 9
    Jay Draco

    Awesome job!
    This really sets the bar even higher. Congratulations!

    The layout, photos and text are high quality. Paulina as always looks stunning. Welcome back Dani!

  4. 11

    Que hermosa narración, me gustó mucho este post!
    Me hubiera gustado ver muchisimas más fotos, jaja pero bueno esto no es una sesion de fotos 😛 Que bonita experiencia nos comparte, se nota que lo disfruto muchisimo ♥
    Vuelva pronto (;

    • 15
      Daniela Michel

      Muchas gracias Brenda, tomé las fotos durante la feria de artesanías en el CECUT. Encontré trabajos muy interesantes y perfectos para dar constraste al traje y la modelo.

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