From A to Z: Friday

…The JFashion Highlights!

Everything you missed or you want to remember it’s here, we had blast this Friday, from a red Carpet to a Fashion Show, from the designers to the models.

This is what you missed, Cathy Cat (KawaiiPATEEN) opened the Exhibit Hall Stage with a interesting panel called “How to start wearing Japanse Fashion: A Beginner’s Guide” where she talked about how everything starts with baby steps. 

We heard the experiences from the Japanese models them-self on how they become models in the panel talk “JFashion Model: From a Fan to a Career” We heard from Misako Aoki, Akira, Midori, Sakurako and Yui how they where discovered! 

We also had a Red Carpet where we saw the JFashion designers and models, and the different JFashionistas wearing their top Galas. Followed by the JFashionista Walk.

And to end the day with a golden brooch, the anticipated and always popular Fashion Show, full of colors, lights and surprises.

Thanks to all the Designers, the models, and everyone who made this possible! Hope to see you next year! And don’t forget to share! 

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