Hey Liz Lisa Girl!

Life is more fun with friends! When you style together, you smile together. Four girls each express their own version of being a Liz Lisa Girl. Though their styles are different, they still have fun times together. As they walk down the streets they find they are more powerful and sassy than ever, building each other up. With a cute furry friend in tow, they’ll smile all day and never tire!

With heels to support long legs for hours on end and a purse large enough to hold anything a girl needs, these Liz Lisa Girls are ready for anything. Easily accessorized and personalized to fit whatever mood they feel or whatever weather may cross their path, these girls will always be fashionable!

A Liz Lisa Girl is naturally beautiful and always comfortable yet dresses casually and effortlessly in sexy and cute outfits that are eye catching and express their inner adventurer.

  • They see the sweet and spicy sides of life and they want to keep it with them always. You too can be your own version of a Liz Lisa Girl.

  • Always be fashionable, no matter what life throws at you!

Liz Lisa can be found among in the ever changing trends in Harajuku (Japan), their shop serving as a beacon to fulfill the kawaii dreams of girls around the world. Whatever type of sweet or spicy atmosphere you want to have, Liz Lisa will have something to bring out the inner fashionista in you on your everyday life. And do you know what is fantastic? Shop in Wonderland is bringing Liz Lisa to you.

Are you ready to find your own group of Liz Lisa Girl friends? Join us June 24rd at Shop in Wonderland to meet other fashion lovers just like you in a special party. Try it on yourself and find your own Liz Lisa Girl style in person. Jfashion is for everyone!
Special thanks to our fun and gorgeous models Nataly, Thu, Nancy and Tae!


All models are wearing head to toe: Liz Lisa




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