My Summer Shadow Favorites

Before transitioning to Fall, let me share some of my favorite eye-shadow palettes I’ve been using all Summer long!



Before transitioning to Fall, let me share some of my favorite eye-shadow palettes I’ve been using all Summer long!
1. Urban Decay Naked palettes!
I am lost without Naked eye colors in my life! It is my ultimate go-to for subtle or sultry looks. The travel-size Naked Basics set (not shown) is a must-have on all my trips, too.


8-Makeup-Fashion-Style-Tarte-Urban-Decay-SugarPop-Beauty 2. Tarte palette!
I’ve owned several Tarte shadows over the years, but their recent makeup palettes have nailed it for me. From daytime meetings to nighttime events, Tarte Double Duty Beauty Day/Night Eye & Cheek Palette was my go-to set on most weekdays.



10-Makeup-Fashion-Style-Tarte-Urban-Decay-SugarPop-Beauty 3. Too Faced Sugar Pop palette!
I love macarons (hint hint), so the packaging was what initially lured me to get this set. For a sweet look, Sugar Pop had the irresistible flavor of shimmer and glitter for my eyes.

6-Makeup-Fashion-Style-Tarte-Urban-Decay-SugarPop-BeautyI couldn’t have made it through some of the summer days (and nights) without using one of these palettes. A girl can never have enough shoes or shadows, right? Let me know what some of your favorite eye-shadow sets are!




Photography by Judy Escalante
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    Favorites are definitely Tarte products and now Too Faced. I just bought my first shadow from Too Faced (Chocolate Bon Bon set) set not too long ago and I absolutely love it! I think I need to go out and try the ones you mentioned too!

  2. 2

    I was sooooooo excited seeing a makeup-related Jfashionista article this morning! Urban Decay NAKED palettes are a must-have and I’m really intrigued to try the Too Faced Sugar Pop palette! Especially because macarons are so tempting…???

  3. 4

    Kat Von D light & dark eye palette. I cannot live without it. All matte, all naturals, all super pigmented and every single shade looks good on my skin. It is my 100% A+ recommend to everyone!

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    Cindy Van

    I definitely love the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. It was a gift from someone and I love all the shades and the different looks I can create with it. Close second would be Kat Von D light and dark. It was my very first palette and I love how the palette is simple and works well together. I’ll definitely try oout all the other palettes and brands you recommended :] I always wanted to venture into Too Faced.

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