I Choose to Rebel

Some of us are born rebellious; I was… A SAINT! I was the most well behaved kid in […]

Be Like a Princess

Most days you would find me moving fast, with a long list of To Do, and wearing something […]

One Pair of Boots, 3 Ways

One of the reasons why I love Fall is because it’s the time of year I get to […]

The Truth About Gossip

I make an effort to be a positive person. I am drawn to people and information so I can learn. I am also no stranger to people talking about me. Gossip, however, is something I cannot get used to. I am a subject of gossip right now, by someone I thought was a good friend. I pondered why this person wants to distress me, break confidence in our friendship, and allow others to disconnect with me. The truth is, gossip is painful. Spreading private information or negative judgments is a hurtful act.

Make Your Move

Fall is here! Much has already started happening this season: galas, weddings, parties, and pre-holiday planning to name […]

Bringing Lief to Life

Some know exactly what they want to be at an early age. Others find their way much later. […]

Treasured Tea Time

It’s hard to believe four years ago I had given birth to my second child at age 38. […]