Girls Love To Play Dress Up

why do we love to play dress up? Who do we dress up for? These have been questions that have been on my mind lately. While I would like to think that I ALWAYS dress up for myself, I also realize there are tweaks to my looks depending on who I’d be seeing, or where I’m going. Does anyone else feel this way?

The Dazzling Designs of Putumayo

I hope these blog entries on Monday mornings help kick start your week. One of the reasons we started JFashionista was I wanted something fun and motivational to do and look forward to on a Monday morning. I always get motivated when writing these articles and I hope you feel the same way reading them. Your mindset will determine how you view your day, and in most cases, your point of view will determine the outcome.

Sunday at Tout Suite

I would dare to say, the best part about fashion is not about clothes, the latest trend or talking about the most popular designer, is actually about getting to know the hearts and minds of the people wearing it. Last Sunday we had had a meet-up at Tout Suite, in downtown Houston. Great weather, great food and great company made for an overall fantastic experience.

The Art of Fashion

I often get asked if Japanese Lolita fashion is ‘wearable’. Other times I get told it makes us look too much like dolls, or princesses. To answer such a question, one must understand the connection between reality and imagination. In my head, when it comes to fashion, imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality. You see, we are dolls, we are princesses. This is as real as the pink frosting on the cupcake I had this morning for breakfast. Or did I?

Sunshine and Shades

I spent one morning with my friend Christina Zhou at River Oaks District. She is the founder and CEO of JECK US Investments, Inc., a commercial property investment, development company, and the founder and president of Paramount First Investment LLC., a hospitality properties and management company. She is also a devoted wife, mother, friend and humble community supporter. One of the most awesome things about Christina: she is always positive. She is a ray of sunshine in clear skies or cloudy weather. Her positive nature is contagious, and she makes everyone around her happy. We all need a friend like Christina.

Intergalactic Make-up Fun and Giveaway

I am 42, a mother of two, and sometimes I celebrate my gray hair and wrinkles. However, today is not one of those days. Today I choose to make a stylistic statement with make up. Something fun and bold. Something creative and poetic. Something extreme and futuristic. Something fitting for the 50th anniversary of Star Trek!
Luckily for me, the new Star Trek make-up-line from M.A.C. came out 3 days ago, giving me the opportunity to embark on such a journey.

Inspire in Red

Once upon a time, I met a wonderful, young woman from Mexico. A cat-loving, graphic designer by trade, with dreams of working in fashion. She came from Tijuana to our annual Japanese culture convention in Houston to meet her favorite brands and designers and experience our fashion show. That was two years ago. Today, she is in the middle of our fashion projects, married, and lives in Houston. These are her inspiring words. Read on!

My Summer Shadow Favorites

Before transitioning to Fall, let me share some of my favorite eye-shadow palettes I’ve been using all Summer long!

What Suits You?

It’s been awhile since I’ve gone out in a pant suit and I’m reminded of how cool it feels to be in one. On this particularly hot summer day in Houston, I went around to meetings in Putumayo’s pinstripe vest ensemble. I combined their latest coordinate with an older black sleeveless blouse by Trina Turk and LAMB strap heels. Believe me, I love an entirely new outfit as much as you, but sometimes a girl needs to pair things up with what’s in her closet!

Essence is Golden

For many years I was conservative with my style. I was told by others in the workplace or by family to wear what’s “appropriate” for my age. It was not until I went to London and Japan for the first time that I really broke out of the that mentality. Fast forward thirteen years, I found my essence: to be bold.